Manage and Secure Your Data

Harness the power of automation to keep your data safe

Daturic helps you secure your data using only cloud native components. Maximize your security, minimize your latency.

Daturic Supports Your Big Data Strategy

Companies large and small are quickly adopting big data tools and processes to solve business problems and make data-driven decisions. Many of these companies are turning to public clouds to host their data lakes or meshes.

With all that data in a central place, companies quickly find the administrative overhead of granting required access to numerous stakeholders overwhelming.

Daturic gives companies the ability to enforce appropriate controls on their data living in the cloud. Customers can use business language, by way of custom tagging, to create tailored access policies quickly and easily.

Daturic Helps Organizations Deploy and Maintain a Secure Data Lake

According to a 2019 report by Skyhigh [1], most organizations have a lot of sensitive data in their data lakes. Within the "confidential" bucket, data may further be subdivided based on business rules or for regulatory compliance reasons.

Daturic helps companies by allowing them to codify their access control rules into polices using business language. These policies are then applied to your lakes and meshes ensuring compliance.

2019 Cloud Adoption & Risk Report Personally Identifiable Information, 16% Protected Health Information, 9% Confidential Data 27% Payment Data 12% Email 20% Password Protected 16% Skyhigh - 2019 Cloud Adoption & Risk Report (by data type)

Why we built Daturic

Moving data into your data lake as part of a project is just step one in your big data journey. Once data has moved, we need to consider the things that change (What we refer to as day 2 processes).

For example:

  • How do I design operational processes to grant appropriate access to data sets across all data assets in my organization?
  • How do I handle changes in data sources/targets that may affect existing access control decisions?
  • How do I quickly create appropriate auditing and compliance reporting?
  • How do I quickly provision and de-provision access as per business needs?

Daturic takes a unique approach to solving this problem. By leveraging automation, we allow our customers to use business language to build their rule sets and apply those rule sets to their big data landscape using only cloud native components. This allows our customers to take advantage of rich access control features that are native to their cloud providers.

Daturic Core Features